Packers bar's Aaron Rodgers promotion leaves fans broke after MNF injury

Fans in Green Bay are hurting
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Michael Owens/GettyImages

A large swath of Green Bay Packers fans who were bitter about the way the Aaron Rodgers era came to an end were hating on the NY Jets as hard as any New England Patriots fan out there. One bar sought to capitalize on that rancor and make a quick buck.

Jack's American Pub made national news when they were offering Packers fans free drinks in every game Rodgers lost with the Jets. After Rodgers was ruled out for their Monday night duel with the Buffalo Bills in what became his only 2023 game with the Jets, fans started piling up the pilsners.

Zach Wilson and Xavier Gipson were not letting the patrons of Jack's walk away with all of that free beer. Wilson's efficient leading and Gipson's stellar punt return in overtime helped the Jets bring home an insane 22-16 victory just a few hours after this team seemed dead in the water.

The folks over at Jack's may have been more upset at this result than anyone in Buffalo, as they now had to pay up for their overconfidence in the Bills and lack of belief in a Rodgers-led team.

NY Jets win means Packers fans must pay outrageous bar tabs

The promotion may not even last for the remainder of the season, as one of the rules of the game confirmed that Rodgers had to start the game for the tabs to be forgiven. Fans won't get an opportunity to root against the four-time MVP until (maybe) the start of the 2024 season.

The loss of Rodgers also has big implications for a Packers team that needed him to play 65% of the Jets' snaps this season to get New York's second-round pick in 2024 converted into a first-round choice. That dream has been well and truly flushed down the drain.

Perhaps the promotion can start back up in 2024, as Jets head coach Robert Saleh said he would be "shocked" if Rodgers does not return to the team next season. The pound of flesh Packers fans seek might finally come one year later after an injury.

The saltiness that Packers fans have for a quarterback like Rodgers, who made the team a consistent winner while winning MVPs, is a bit odd. Fans who wanted to see him lose might be frustrated, but the owners over at Jack's have to be loving all the free publicity and extra money this deal brought in.