NY Jets QB Zach Wilson still has a chance at redemption

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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While it hasn't seemed it as of late, NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson still has an opportunity to salvage his NFL career.

When the Jets drafted Wilson in the 2021 NFL Draft, they knew his upside. Make no mistake about it, Wilson absolutely still has the talent to succeed in the NFL. And now he'll be learning from one of the greatest to ever do it, Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers had the following to say about his new position-mate when asked earlier this month.

"[Zach Wilson]'s been incredible. He hasn't made my life hell every day. He's been a joy to work with and I give him so much credit because it's a tough situation with what he went through last year. ... As a young player, having confidence is so important; so my job is to encourage him and help build that confidence back up but I think if he can step back and sees what he's done this offseason, he'll see that he's done incredibly well. The key for him is growth and learning. ... I have a lot of love for him and the way he's handled things and how he helped me feel welcomed and important when I got here. ... I feel a big part of my role here is not just to play at a super high level, but to make sure Zach is ready when his time comes. I really enjoy that opportunity."

Aaron Rodgers

In his first season with the Jets, Wilson finished the year with 2,334 yards and nine touchdowns. He also threw for 11 interceptions, putting together a somewhat underwhelming rookie season.

Unfortunately, this past season was just an absolute nightmare for the Jets' young quarterback. Wilson finished with just 1,688 yards in nine games, completing under 55 percent of his passes. While he just had an absolutely brutal year, Wilson has a good shot at redemption before all is said and done.

Why Zach Wilson's NY Jets career might not be over yet

The addition of Rodgers could be massive for Wilson's development. Learning under the guise of a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Rodgers could only serve to benefit the third-year QB.

While the Jets signed veteran quarterback Tim Boyle this offseason, Wilson could 100 percent still win the backup job. In fact, Wilson is very likely considered the favorite for the job.

Looking at how well Rodgers prepared, helped, and supported the new Green Bay Packers QB1, Jordan Love, we could see something similar with Wilson. Not to mention that Rodgers is Wilson's idol.

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If Zach Wilson is going to revitalize his career with the Jets, the acquisition of Rodgers is the best thing that could have happened for him.