NY Jets: Game-by-game breakdown of Zach Wilson's first 6 starts

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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Well, here we are. Time to make a conclusion about Zach Wilson's first six games. And to be honest, I don't think there is one to be made.

Looking at the positives for Wilson, the rookie showed big-play ability and poise, as he threw many sharp medium and deep balls and mounted a few comebacks.

Also, part of Wilson's early struggles could be attributed to other factors like stellar opposing defenses, poor offensive play calling, and sometimes shaky offensive line play.

On the other hand, Wilson missed way too many short throws if he wants to be a successful quarterback in this league. Moreover, he gets caught playing hero ball at times as he forces a deep throw rather than taking the underneath yardage.

Sometimes the strategy worked, mainly during the Titans game, but oftentimes it didn't, especially during the first New England game.

Additionally, with so much offensive success the past two weeks, a scary question comes to mind: was Zach Wilson holding this offense back during the first few weeks? It's hard to argue he wasn't at times.

An offense that ranked near or at the bottom in most categories during Wilson's time has put up an astonishing 997 yards and 64 points over just the past two games.

It is difficult to say what this offense will look like when Wilson comes back. Maybe young guys are starting to get it, the offensive line is starting to gel, and Mike LaFleur is starting to scheme up better play calls.

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Or maybe this offense just plays better without Zach Wilson at the helm.

Only time will tell.