NY Jets: Game-by-game breakdown of Zach Wilson's first 6 starts

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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Week 7: NY Jets QB Zach Wilson at New England

The Jets had the luxury of a bye week following a tough loss against Atlanta. From the first few moments of the game in New England, though, it became abundantly clear that time over the bye week was not time well spent by the Jets.

16 minutes into the game and the Jets were already down 17 points with just a quarter of the yards that New England had gained to that point.

True disaster struck, though, when Patriots linebacker Matt Judon buried Wilson in the backfield well after he had gotten rid of the ball. The 260-pounder partially landed on Wilson's knee, causing a PCL sprain that would knock out Wilson for several weeks.

Now, from the first drop back of the game, it was clear that Wilson would be in for a long and dangerous day. The Jets' first attempted passing play was an eight-yard sack, during which multiple Patriots defenders hit Wilson hard in the backfield.

Not only was the pass protection poor, but the Patriots were also not exactly playing the cleanest game in their history.

Wilson was hit well after the play out of bounds on one play in the first quarter as the referees called nothing. And Wilson's injury saw another roughing the passer no-call.

Before his injury, Wilson was just 6-of-10 for 51 yards, but things weren't all bad for the rookie. In fact, on the play he got injured, he actually threw a solid deep ball to Keelan Cole, who got tripped by a Patriots defender.

If that pass interference had not happened, Wilson's looking at a 7-for-11, 100 yard-game with a touchdown. Not bad when you consider how poor the rest of the team was playing.