Zach Wilson and Braxton Berrios just became best friends

NY Jets, Zach Wilson and Braxton Berrios
NY Jets, Zach Wilson and Braxton Berrios / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Watch out AFC, there's another dynamic quarterback-wide receiver duo in town. NY Jets' Zach Wilson and Braxton Berrios have done some wholesome bonding this offseason and taken their relationship to another level.

The BFF level.

We're not talking about doing each other's hair or making beaded bracelets, but close. Wilson was spotted with his trusty wide receiver in coordinated green and white T-shirts, the gag-worthy kind that couples usually wear to flaunt their "couple-ness" in strangers' faces.

Wilson and Berrios look so darn cute wearing the shirts, though. Wilson's white shirt reads, "Braxton Berrios is good," and Berrios' green shirt reads, "Zach Wilson is good."

The pair was also spotted wearing similar zip-up jackets and black pants — once you start dressing the same, you know it's serious.

NY Jets' Zach Wilson and Braxton Berrios get cozy in the offseason, sport matching T-shirts

Not only is this an incredibly effective marketing ploy, but it's the kind of feel-good picture that makes you want to print it out and frame it on the wall.

Berrios is four years Wilson's senior and has two extra seasons of experience, but the two make for a truly adorable couple. Wilson probably wears the pants in the relationship given that he is, after all, the quarterback.

In Year 2, he'll look to improve his lackluster completion percentage (55.6 percent) and rein in the interceptions, and he carries the brunt of the pressure to perform at a higher level.

On the other hand, Berrios has reason to celebrate after the Jets recently re-signed him to a two-year, $12 million deal with $7 million in guarantees. While Wilson works hard at his job to put bread on the table, Berrios embodies more of the free spirit type who doesn't like "labels."

He split his snap count on special teams (37 percent) and wide receiver (38 percent) this past season and notably led the league in yards per kickoff return (30.4).

In 2022, Berrios will likely assume the same versatile role within New York's offense, though depending on whether the Jets land a top-tier receiver this offseason, he could see more playing time with Wilson.

Wilson and Berrios connected for 431 yards and two touchdowns in 2021, but if their offseason chemistry is any indication, they may see a major breakthrough in their relationship come September.

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