The NY Jets are officially the worst team in the NFL again

NY Jets, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Robert Saleh / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Three games. That's how long it took for the NY Jets to officially reclaim their uncontested title as the worst team in the NFL.

How did everything go so wrong again so quickly? Why are we stuck in an endless cycle of time? What does a competent football team look like?

For Jets fans, there are no answers. Only questions.

The Jets fell to the Denver Broncos in Week 3 by a final score of 26-0. They're averaging six points per game through the first three weeks of the season. The offense is Adam Gase-like. It might even be worse.

Other teams are bad. The Jets aren't bad — they're completely and utterly incompetent. It doesn't get any worse than that.

The NY Jets have reclaimed their title as the worst team in the NFL

For much of last season, the Jets were the unquestioned basement-dwellers of the NFL. They started the season off with an abysmal 0-13 record and seemed well on their way to a winless season, especially after their last-second meltdown against the Las Vegas Raiders.

A pair of unlikely wins late in the season saved them from officially being declared the worst team in the league, although a 2-14 record is good enough to claim that moniker in most years.

Going into 2021, things were supposed to be different.

Not different in the sense that the Jets would contend for the playoffs or even win more than a handful of games. Wins were always going to be secondary in a season of growth.

But this isn't about wins and losses. It's about playing competitive football. It's about looking like you belong on the same field as your opponents.

The Jets have not shown the ability to do that this season, save for one half of football against the Carolina Panthers in Week 1.

They haven't scored a touchdown in two weeks. They've been outscored 46-3 in the first half of games this season. Rookie quarterback Zach Wilson is being sacked at an average rate of five times per game and has been pressured on more than 50 percent of his dropbacks.

The Jets aren't a competent football team right now.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are bad, but they just played a competitive, back-and-forth game against the Arizona Cardinals. The same goes for the Detroit Lions who nearly beat the Baltimore Ravens this week.

The Houston Texans have a win under their belt and have an offense that looks infinitely better than the Jets, even with third-round rookie Davis Mills under center.

The Jets' Week 5 opponents, the Atlanta Falcons, are fresh off their first victory of the season and have scored a combined 42 points over the last two weeks. At this rate, the Jets will be lucky to hit that mark by the halfway point of the season.

They have less than half of that in all of their games combined so far.

Perhaps their only "competition" for the unfortunate title of the worst team in the NFL is their crosstown rivals, the NY Giants. But this is a Giants team that's lost by a combined four points over the last two weeks.

And they looked a hell of a lot more competent against Denver when they played them in Week 1. The Giants are better than the Jets. Every team is better than the Jets.

Who is to blame for the NY Jets' cycle of misery?

Somehow, the Jets overhauled their entire organization and ended up exactly where they were a year ago. How does that happen? Who's to blame?

Everyone involved in the construction of this roster and the execution (or lack thereof) on the field deserves a figurative slice of the blame pie.

The honeymoon period is long over for Joe Douglas. There's no excuse for the Jets offense to look as inept as it does in his third year with the organization.

There's no excuse for Mike LaFleur to use Ryan Griffin and Tyler Kroft in the slot over Elijah Moore and Keelan Cole all while Denzel Mims rides the bench. There's no excuse for this perfectly fine (on paper) group of receivers and running backs to drop 7+ passes in a single game.

If Adam Gase was still the head coach of this team, this putrid offensive performance would rank among the worst of his tenure. Instead, it's happening with a new team and a new coaching staff.

But I suppose the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Something needs to give. Because as it stands right now, the Jets are on a runaway train barreling toward another two-win season — if they're lucky.

The Jets are the worst team in the NFL. Lather, rinse, repeat.