NY Jets have one of the worst backup quarterback situations

NY Jets, Mike White, Zach Wilson, James Morgan
NY Jets, Mike White, Zach Wilson, James Morgan / Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Heading into the 2021 season, the NY Jets are relying on a rookie quarterback to help them and normally, a team in this situation would have a veteran quarterback to back him up.

The Jets haven't exactly gone this route, as they're currently rolling with the unproven James Morgan and Mike White as their backup signal-callers.

It's not surprising that the Jets were ranked near the bottom of CBS Sports' backup quarterback situations. The Jets came in second to last and Cody Benjamin, the author of the article, offered this insight on Morgan.

"He's got good size, but the resume is barren. The 2020 fourth-rounder came out of FIU as an unpolished gunslinger and has yet to throw an NFL pass. His only pro experience is a year learning under *gulp* Adam Gase. Oh, and he plays for the Jets."

Cody Benjamin, CBS Sports

No one can blame Benjamin for putting the Jets so low on his list and it's honestly surprising that they're not dead last (the Tennessee Titans earned that honor).

The Jets had an opportunity to sign a veteran like Nick Mullens to back up Zach Wilson this year, but Mullens signed with the Eagles. That means New York is relying on Morgan and Mike White, who played college football at South Florida and Western Kentucky from 2013-2017.

The NY Jets don't have a good backup quarterback situation.

This is a risky approach to the 2021 season for the Jets because not only could Wilson get hurt, but he could struggle right out of the gate.

If this ends up being the case, the Jets will be in deep trouble because Morgan and White aren't any more experienced than he is and this team will likely flounder quickly.

The Jets should have signed a more reliable backup, but at the same time, by not doing so, they showed that they believe in Wilson. Putting someone like Mullens behind him would add to the pressure already placed on him.

Of course, the Jets still have some time to add a veteran backup, although their options are running thin. Nick Foles remains the most likely target and it wouldn't be surprising to see the team trade for him at some point.

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Is it surprising to see the Jets ranked this low on the list? Not at all. Morgan and White are unknown names at the quarterback position and it's the most important position in the game.

The Jets could have put themselves higher on this list, but hopefully Wilson stays healthy and it won't even matter at the end of the day.