NY Jets owner Woody Johnson is fumbling the Zach Wilson situation

Woody Johnson's reported involvement in Zach Wilson trade talks is irresponsible

Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

With Aaron Rodgers returning and Tyrod Taylor scheduled to become QB2, it's crazy to think that the NY Jets would somehow be interested in keeping Zach Wilson.

Reports emerged last week that the Jets could have already traded Zach Wilson, but that owner Woody Johnson has prevented the team from doing so.

Johnson owns the team, so obviously his input will be heard, but the owner should not be getting in the way of football decisions. That's why you hire a general manager and pay hundreds of employees to improve the roster. However, he's reportedly "waiting for something better."

At this point, if the Jets had an opportunity to trade Wilson for a few footballs, they should probably take the deal. However, for some reason, Johnson values him highly enough to wait on a deal — and this doesn't feel like the first time it's happened.

When Wilson stepped in for an injured Aaron Rodgers last year, the Jets had an opportunity to trade for a quarterback to improve the roster, but elected to ride Wilson instead, with reports indicating that it was Johnson's idea to keep him.

Is it because Wilson was drafted second overall, so Johnson feels like he's owed something? Wilson is one of the biggest draft busts in recent NFL history, and it doesn't feel like a new situation will make him any better. The organization needs to trade him and be happy with whatever they receive.

NY Jets need to trade Zach Wilson immediately

The New England Patriots received a sixth-round draft pick in return for Mac Jones, so the Jets shouldn't be expecting anything better than that. Both quarterbacks are bad, but Jones has at least shown the ability to be a competent NFL backup. Wilson's contract situation is also a lot less favorable.

Keeping Wilson on the roster adds one more distraction that isn't necessary, even if Wilson doesn't play. Johnson needs to put his ego aside and wash his hands with Wilson, as the Jets have two quarterbacks who are much more capable than him.

If the team hadn't signed Tyrod Taylor, you could make the case for Wilson to stick around a little longer, but the Jets have two legitimate quarterbacks in Taylor and Rodgers who can play next year.

Wilson's guaranteed $5.5 million in 2024 makes trading him hard enough. At this point, it doesn't really matter what they get in return, they just need him off the books.

If Johnson is stopping general manager Joe Douglas from trading Wilson, it could mean he's stopping him from doing other things which is incredibly problematic for the franchise.

Douglas should have carte blanche on his organization, so let's hope this report isn't entirely accurate and the Jets are able to move on from Wilson before it becomes an even bigger distraction.