NY Jets: Winners and losers from Week 5 loss to the Falcons

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Winner: Quincy Williams, LB, NY Jets

One player who has made a name for himself over the last couple of weeks is linebacker Quincy Williams. Williams burst onto the scene in Week 4 making splash play after splash play and he continued that trend this Sunday.

The former Jacksonville Jaguars draft pick finished second on the team with eight tackles, many of which were well-earned, and forced two fumbles. One of those fumbles was recovered for the Jets' second takeaway of the day.

Williams is still a flawed player who has his fair share of weaknesses, but he's playing the best football of his career right now. The Jets will take the temporary lapses if they're coupled with momentum-shifting plays like the ones he's been making.

Quincy Williams has been quite the find for the Jets. And in an otherwise dull day, he was one of the lone bright spots.

Loser: Jeff Ulbrich, DC, NY Jets

Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich had done a phenomenal job with the Jets defense to this point and was entering this game coming off perhaps his finest outing of the season. But that all came to a screeching halt in Week 5.

Ulbrich was soundly outsmarted by Falcons head coach Arthur Smith who coached circles around his opponent all game. And Ulbrich's questionable personnel usage cost the Jets on numerous occasions.

Rather than allow his best pass rushers to, you know, rush the passer, Ulbrich opted to drop John Franklin-Myers and Bryce Huff back into coverage.

First, rookie tight end Kyle Pitts beat the 290-pound Franklin-Myers in man coverage to give the Falcons their first touchdown. Then one quarter later, it was tight end Hayden Hurst who got past Huff for Atlanta's second score.

The Jets pass rush took a major step back from a week ago and plays like this are part of the reason why. Ulbrich called his worst game of the season on Sunday, and it ultimately cost the Jets.