Analyzing the various win-total scenarios for the NY Jets in 2022

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

The NY Jets' over/under currently sits at 5.5 wins on most sportsbooks out there. Public expectations have been low for this franchise for quite some time now and with good reason.

From the influx of talent within free agency and the draft to the increased familiarity with a second season in the same system, the goals for this team should be higher than many fans have seen over the past years.

Some possible outcomes for total wins in the upcoming 2022 season will give an indication of how hopeful the organization and fans should be for the future.

The NY Jets win under 6 games

If the Jets fail to win at least six games this season, it likely means one of two things have happened: the team suffered a barrage of injuries at key positions or Zach Wilson did not improve.

It's hard to believe in a scenario where this team finishes with either the same or only one more win than last year for so many reasons. If this does happen, it is also hard to imagine that ownership will have much faith in the core of Robert Saleh, Joe Douglas, and Zach Wilson.

What this would also likely mean is that the rough start of the schedule put the Jets in a position where they might have been so far out early on that it was tough to come back from. Avoiding a skid like this is why the first stretch of games this season is so crucial.

The NY Jets win 6 or 7 games

For fans taking a pragmatic look at the upcoming season, six or seven wins might be a comfortable landing spot for where the team ends up.

This would mark incremental improvement for the team from last year's win total of four games and one could hope this could also include many competitive losses to some of the top teams that the Jets will face this season.

One of the more disappointing aspects of the 2021 season was how far out the Jets were in most of their losses. While Bill Parcells remains right in his claim that "you are what your record says you are", finishing in this range of wins with a fighting spirit in the games the Jets come up short in would still be encouraging.

The NY Jets win 8 or 9 games

Doubling last season's win total would be a great accomplishment for a team on the rise. Depending on how the schedule plays out, this number of wins likely means the Jets are playing meaningful deep into the season for the first time since 2015.

A win total in this range would also likely mean that the Jets have somewhat closed the gap within the division considering they would likely need to have won a couple of games in the division to get this mark.

In this scenario, the team likely will have won a number of games based on Zach Wilson playing at a level that fans rarely saw during his rookie season.

This should also vindicate fans' high hopes for the newly-assembled roster with the addition of free agents and rookies playing a large role in the increase of wins.

As the schedule for the Jets is easier in the second half of the season, eight or nine wins could also mean that there was a bit of a run to finish the year. This would be a great momentum builder for the 2023 season.

The NY Jets win 10 or more games

C.J. Mosley recently came out and said that the playoffs are a "realistic goal" for the Jets this season. If the team is to actually meet that goal, this is likely where they will need to be when it comes to wins for the season.

Last season the Pittsburgh Steelers made the playoffs as the number seven seed with a record of 9–7–1. There has been an influx of talent from the NFC to the AFC this off-season which will likely raise the floor for every AFC team to even make one of the three wild card spots this year.

For this win total to come true, Zach Wilson will likely need to play at a top-20 level at the quarterback position throughout the year. It will also likely mean major contributions from most of their first and second-year players that make up a large percentage of the roster.

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If the Jets are able to get to this number of wins this season, Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh will be able to take a lot of credit for what will be one of the most discussed team's in the league heading into the 2023 season.