NY Jets Week 3 Rookie Stock Report: Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson soar

NY Jets, Sauce Gardner
NY Jets, Sauce Gardner / Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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Stock up 17% WoW: Garrett Wilson, WR, NY Jets ($GDUB)

  • Stats: 11 targets, 6 receptions for 60 yards, 63% snap count

Wilson had a solid outing to follow up his breakout performance in Week 2 considering he got injured in the second quarter. He came back in the second half but could have easily been affected by a tough shot to the midsection.

When people discuss an MVP award for any type of sport, they always say "if you took them off the team then what would happen?" Once Wilson was off the field, the dynamic on offense completely changed in a bad way.

It is a bit surprising that the potential for the offense is already dependent on a rookie wide receiver. For that reason, his stock must go up even if by the stat line, it seems like a fairly average performance.

The other thing worth noting is that this is the second week in a row that Wilson has had to be evaluated for an injury in the middle of a game.

While a lot of injuries have to do with bad luck, it was a factor in evaluating Wilson out of college. He has a lighter build for a receiver, and while his acrobatic catches are awesome to see, it does put him in a compromised position at times landing awkwardly such as what happened in Week 2.

This time around, Joe Flacco threw a hospital pass over the middle of the field and Wilson got crushed as result. This hopefully will not be happening with Zach Wilson coming back.

Stock up 20% WoW: Breece Hall, RB, NY Jets ($BREECE)

  • Stats: 8 rushes for 39 yards, 6 receptions for 53 yards, 51% snap count

Week 3 was the one where Breece Hall finally got the majority of snaps over fellow running back Michael Carter (just by a hair at a 51-49% split).

Hall was the beneficiary of a lot of check downs from Joe Flacco who was often times panicked about the possibility of getting hit. Ideally, Hall will not be receiving 11 targets per game unless it's part of a specific game plan to take advantage of matchups.

While both running backs have been solid for the Jets through three weeks, Hall has had a better yards per carry over the past two games and is being integrated more and more into the offense.

It feels like Hall is inching closer toward being the 1A option while Carter will still play a prominent role. It is somewhat surprising that Hall has seen so many targets so early considering Carter's pass-catching ability.

The next step for the rookie out of Iowa State will be to make some game-changing plays with big runs. He is surely capable of it and it's easy to see flashes, but he hasn't ripped one just yet.

It would surely help if he could do so this week against Pittsburgh to ease Wilson's return and mitigate some worries of the offensive line by establishing and maintaining an explosive run game.