NY Jets veterans complaining about playing time should lead to 2 separate trades

Neither of these Jets veterans are happy right now
NY Jets, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Robert Saleh / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

NY Jets fans came into the season expecting big things from running back Dalvin Cook and defensive end Carl Lawson in a campaign that was expected to see the Jets vie for a postseason spot. Despite the team's 3-3 record after a tough early schedule, trade rumors are afoot.

Neither of them has performed well to begin the season, as Cook continues to see his snaps drop while Lawson looks to have never fully recovered from the laundry list of injuries he's sustained over the years. Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas need to at least consider making a move.

Cook recently came out with some very bold (to say the least) comments about his lack of touches in games, which could be seen as a "play me or trade me" demand to some. Lawson joined in on Cook's bandwagon, turning into a 250-pound version of Elijah Moore with his latest comments.

Lawson said that he isn't a "cheerleader" content to sit on the sidelines while his teammates make plays. These are quite incendiary comments from a player who is regarded as a team leader and respected veteran, but it also speaks to how deep the Jets' roster is at that point in time.

NY Jets could trade disgruntled vets Carl Lawson, Dalvin Cook

Cook just went over 100 yards rushing on the season, and the Jets are about to play their seventh game. Between Cook's own struggles, the fact that Breece Hall has emerged as one of the best running backs in the game, and Michael Carter's performance Cook has become somewhat expendable.

Lawson finds himself the victim of a similar roster crunch. Bryce Huff, John Franklin-Myers, and Jermaine Johnson are playing too well to be taken out of the lineup, and Saleh will likely continue trying to ease first-round rookie Will McDonald into the lineup.

Cook might be harder to trade, as the market for aging, declining running backs is quite a small one. If Lawson wants snaps over all else, a move to a team like the Raiders that brings a wide receiver like Hunter Renfrow to the Jets might be worth considering.

Cook has looked out of sorts all season long, and Lawson has found himself buried beneath a collection of younger players who have impressed when given the chance. While there hasn't been a ton of traction on trades right now, they shouldn't be locks to remain in Jets green in November.