NY Jets: Ty Johnson talks Robert Saleh, Zach Wilson, and much more in exclusive interview

NY Jets, Ty Johnson
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NY Jets, Ty Johnson
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Ty Johnson on the talent he wishes he had and Marvin Jones singing in the locker room

JF: "Exactly, alright last question. If you could have one skill that you don't possess, what would it be? For example, I wish I could sing. But I definitely, definitely cannot sing."

TJ: "Oh I was going to say the same thing. I wish I could sing. I have a piano upstairs and I started learning the 'Runaway' song by Kanye because it's like the easiest thing. And dude if I could sing, it would be over for a lot of these guys. You know, I think I'm pretty cute, my mom tells me I'm cute. If I could sing, and I play ball too, that could be the trifecta right there."

JF: "Exactly, multi-talented man. That's the deadly combination. A professional athlete and a singer."

TJ: "[Laughs] That's what I'm saying man. I was in Detroit with Marvin Jones and the first time he sang I was like 'man I hate you.' He had the voice of an angel. I was like 'you got to stay over there bruh I'm good.'

JF: "I'm sure most of the guys in that locker room aren't the most talented singers. They're not The Weeknd or anything."

TJ: "Hey man, I'm telling you, you got to look up Marvin Jones' American Idol audition tape. That boy can sing."

JF: "I had no idea that Marvin Jones did American Idol [laughs], I'll have to check that out."

TJ: "Yeah, you got to check that out as soon as we're done, for real."

JF: "I definitely will. I hope he drops some music on Spotify or something, I'll have to check him out. Alright well Ty I appreciate you taking the time man."

TJ: "Of course, thanks for having me!"

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Special thanks again to Ty Johnson for taking the time to sit down for this interview. The 2021 season promises to be an important one for the Jets as they look to embark on a new era.

And Johnson figures to be at the forefront of that change.