NY Jets: Ty Johnson talks Robert Saleh, Zach Wilson, and much more in exclusive interview

NY Jets, Ty Johnson
NY Jets, Ty Johnson / Dustin Satloff/Getty Images
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NY Jets, Ty Johnson
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Ty Johnson's favorite musical artists and "who hurt Olivia Rodrigo?"

JF: "Do you have any favorite musical artists that you're listening to right now or just your all-time favorite artist?"

TJ: "I was just listening to that Olivia Rodrigo and I was like 'who hurt you?' [laughs]. But I like her she's good. I like Kota the Friend, he's actually from New York I believe. I have a whole bunch. I like Latino music. I guess The Weeknd is an all-time favorite. I could go on about what Spanish music I listen to. You have to have that Selena in there of course. But yeah, The Weeknd is probably my all-time favorite."

JF: "I respect that, The Weeknd is super talented and I really like his music too. Love the Selena shoutout as well."

Ty Johnson's favorite football team and players growing up

JF: "I think I might already have an idea seeing as you grew up in the Maryland area, but did you have a favorite football team growing up?"

TJ: "I was a Washington fan. That's the team everyone in my family liked. I feel like in Cumberland, everyone is either a Steelers, Ravens, or Washington fan. Out here, I feel like there's a lot of Steelers fans too."

JF: "Yeah it really depends on where you are. I grew up on Long Island so there were a ton of Jets and Giants fans, but once you get out there in that New Jersey area, you might start seeing some Steelers or Eagles fans."

JF: "Did you have any favorite players growing up? I know you said you were a Washington fan, so maybe any favorite players on that team? Or even now too, who are some of your favorite players to watch?"

TJ: "When I was growing up it was Clinton Portis. He was a dog man. Then it was LT [LaDainian Tomlinson]. They were just crazy when I was young. As for now, I try not to say I have a favorite player because I'm at the same level as them. I don't want to be like riding their jock or anything. But you know, CMC [Christian McCaffrey] and Alvin Kamara, they get on the field and you already know they're going to ball out."

JF: "If you're a fan of football, you like to watch those guys play."

TJ: "That's what I'm saying, you can't not watch them play."