NY Jets: Ty Johnson talks Robert Saleh, Zach Wilson, and much more in exclusive interview

NY Jets, Ty Johnson
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NY Jets, Ty Johnson
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Is Ty Johnson a dog or cat person?

JF: "Before we finish, I just wanted to hit you with a few quick-hitter questions that shouldn't require much thinking."

TJ: "Thinking might not be my strong suit so that's good."

JF: "[Laughs] Fair enough. Alright first up, are you a dog or cat person?

TJ: "Oh dog, come on man."

JF: "See that's the way I was too, then my wife got two cats and, I'm not going to lie, I love them to death. I still love dogs, but I think every dog person just needs the right cat to come around."

TJ: "Yeah my mom had cats growing up and they were like little demons. I don't like them."

JF: "There are some bad cats out there, I got you man. If someone asked me that question, I'd still say I'm a dog person, but I got a soft spot for cats now."

TJ: "I got four dogs upstairs right now. I have my Saint Bernard Husky, I got my girl's Siberian Husky, and I actually got a Golden Retriever when I was training. My mom also has her little pug up there too, it's the ugliest thing, but you know, it's whatever. He's just like snorting and coughing at random times, it's like 'what the hell is wrong with you?'"

Ty Johnson's favorite things to do outside of football

JF: "[Laughs] Do you have any favorite things to do outside of football, other than collect big dogs?"

TJ: "I like cooking, I watch anime, and I work and my cars and stuff. That's pretty much it."

JF: "Do you have any signature dish that's your favorite to cook?"

TJ: "My signature dish used to be surf and turf, but I tried upping the game a little bit. My favorite dish I've made so far I made last year for my girlfriend's birthday. It was salmon with linguini in a white wine reduction cream sauce or something. I also love making spaghetti, I'm talking homemade, no canned stuff. I like it a little spicy too so I'll throw a little green chili in there. Cook down the onions, all of it man."

JF: "Oh man I made a mistake asking that question, I haven't eaten lunch yet."

TJ: "I'm about to eat lunch right after this. I've been making these chicken wraps with avocado, kale, and spinach. It's really good."

JF: "Man I'm about to go make a ham sandwich or something [laughs]. My wife's the chef of the family, I'm lucky I got her."