NY Jets: Ty Johnson talks Robert Saleh, Zach Wilson, and much more in exclusive interview

NY Jets, Ty Johnson
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NY Jets, Ty Johnson, Zach Wilson
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Ty Johnson on Mekhi Becton, Alijah Vera-Tucker, and the revamped NY Jets offensive line

JF: "I wanted to touch on a few other changes the Jets made, first the offensive line. They already had Mekhi Becton, the conversation always has to start with him. But now you got Alijah Vera-Tucker coming in, they signed Morgan Moses. How do you feel about the offensive line? Are you excited to run behind those guys?"

TJ: "Come on man. That's like setting me up in the Home Run Derby."

JF: "[Laughs] I know it's a softball question, I lobbed it up for you."

TJ: "And I'm about to dunk that joint [laughs]. I'm excited man. We got some guys, no we don't got guys, we got some monsters on the ball. We got some mammoths. I'm excited to see Moses and, of course, Becton and AVT. The way coach wants them to get off the ball and move people, whoever's going to be in the backfield is going to have a field day running behind those guys. You got GVR [Greg Van Roten] and all those guys on the line just being all-in with the system. There are going to be plenty of gaps opened up and running lanes to the second level. Becton and all those guys are going to make that happen."

JF: "It's a scary sight, for sure. You already had Becton, but now you have AVT lining up next to him. I wouldn't want to be an opposing linebacker or DB filling a gap."

TJ: "That's what I'm saying man [laughs]."

Ty Johnson's first impressions of Zach Wilson

JF: "We can't talk about change without talking about the quarterback position. The Jets brought in Zach Wilson this offseason, he's the quarterback going forward. What are your first impressions of Zach, has he been as advertised?

TJ: "Oh yeah man, he can ball. He can play. Obviously he's a young guy and I feel like, no matter who you are, you're going to have growing pains coming into the league. But they're called growing pains for a reason. You learn from them and get better. But the kid can ball, he can sling that thing. Everyone already knows it, but he's a film junkie, he's always watching film. He wants to learn the other teams' schemes. I think he's going to show, not only in the first game but throughout the season, that he's the real deal."

JF: "That's awesome to hear. I know we're all excited to see him take the field and get his career underway."