NY Jets: Ty Johnson talks Robert Saleh, Zach Wilson, and much more in exclusive interview

NY Jets, Ty Johnson
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NY Jets, Ty Johnson
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Ty Johnson on playing with Frank Gore and the advice he gave him

JF: "Now, you had the opportunity to play alongside one of the greatest running backs of the last generation in Frank Gore last year. What was it like sharing a running back room with him and was there any specific advice that he might have shared with you?"

TJ: "I got to be around him for pretty much a full season. I was with Adrian Peterson in Detroit and then Le'Veon [Bell] when I first got to New York too. But Frank, he runs hard as hell. You can't beat that. He's a different generation compared to me. He runs hard no matter what. When I'd get on the field, he'd tell me 'Don't think about it, just play. You've been doing this since you were five years old, just play.' That's something that coaches have told me throughout my life too so I've always followed that."

Ty Johnson on adapting to New York

JF: "You didn't grow up too far away from where you are now. You lived in Maryland most of your life then, of course, you went to Detroit. What's been the biggest adjustment with living in the New York/New Jersey area?"

TJ: "I'll be honest with you, you have to be a bully on the road. Definitely the driving. I haven't been over to New York too much, I stay in New Jersey. But other than the driving, I was really spoiled in Detroit with the indoor field. I get to MetLife and realize it's outdoors and I was like 'dang it's going to be cold out here.' But yeah the driving and stuff, people are rude out here. You know, I'm polite, I try to let people over. Not here in New York. People ain't going to let you do that. You ain't getting that here."

JF: "[Laughs] Yeah that's not going to fly in this area, people can be rude here."

TJ: "Yeah I'm sure they're great people, but on the road, they're some a---s, I'm not going to lie."