NY Jets trading John Franklin-Myers for nothing is a baffling mistake

What are the Jets doing?
John Franklin-Myers
John Franklin-Myers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The NY Jets have had a pretty successful offseason to date, but the team's decision to trade away starting defensive lineman John Franklin-Myers for virtually nothing on Day 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft is a puzzling one they might live to regret.

The Jets have reportedly traded Franklin-Myers to the Denver Broncos in exchange for a 2026 sixth-round pick. That's right, the Jets traded one of their core defensive starters away for a sixth-round pick two drafts in the future.

The move is a salary dump, as Franklin-Myers was set to carry a cap hit of over $16 million in 2024. However, it's a salary dump the Jets didn't need to make.

The Jets were able to afford Franklin-Myers' contract, even after trading for Haason Reddick. If need be, the Jets had the opportunity to restructure his deal — a move that would've saved the Jets even more in 2024 cap space. That's also what the Broncos plan to do.

Instead, they gave away a rock-solid defensive starter and locker-room leader for essentially nothing. That's poor asset management.

The NY Jets didn't have to trade John Franklin-Myers

Despite the addition of players like Reddick and Will McDonald over the last two years, the Jets do not have a single player on their roster who can replicate his production and fill his role.

Reddick and McDonald do not play the same position nor do they occupy the same role as Franklin-Myers. The only player on the roster who can fill that role is Micheal Clemons, although expecting Clemons to replicate Franklin-Myers' production and effectiveness wouldn't be a wise plan.

Clemons struggled in his second season with the Jets last season, posting a 65.9 Pro Football Focus grade. His missed-tackle rate climbed from 0% to a lowly 16.1%. He finished with fewer run stops, sacks, and tackles despite playing more pass-rush and run-stop snaps.

Franklin-Myers was one of the most underrated and underappreciated players on the Jets' roster over the last few years. His departure leaves a gaping hole in the Jets' defense.

Even if you believe the Jets made the right decision to trade Franklin-Myers, it's impossible to argue that the value they received is worth it, even with his contract.

A future sixth-round pick two years in the future is terrible value for a core defensive starter who didn't need to be traded. This is a head-scratcher for the Jets.