When the NY Jets would trade for Deebo Samuel (if they do)

NY Jets, Deebo Samuel
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The NY Jets continue to monitor the situation surrounding San Francisco 49ers All-Pro wide receiver Deebo Samuel. Samuel wants out, but at the time of writing, the 49ers still seem hesitant to part ways.

It's unclear if Samuel will be moved at any point this offseason. But if it's going to happen, we seem to have a much clearer idea of when a trade could occur.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport went on the Pat McAfee Show on Monday and indicated that if Samuel is traded, it will come before Thursday's NFL Draft. The 49ers aren't expected to trade Samuel during the draft.

That means that if the Jets or any team is to make a serious run at trading for Samuel, it's going to happen over the next two or so days. Things could get interesting in a hurry.

The NY Jets could trade for Deebo Samuel very soon

Samuel has reportedly requested a trade out of San Francisco with reports indicating that he was unhappy with his usage and wants to be utilized as more of a prototypical wide receiver.

It isn't clear how the situation got to this point, but what is clear is that Samuel seemingly has no intention of suiting up for another game with the 49ers. Despite this, general manager John Lynch and company have also made it clear that they don't plan to trade him.

Perhaps they soften their stance, however, as the draft draws nearer. If a team like the Jets comes calling with an enticing offer, they might not turn it down.

The Jets are going into the draft under the assumption that Samuel won't be on the roster. They've done their research on the top wide receiver prospects and seem primed to add one early in the draft.

But trading for Samuel would change everything. Not only would it give the Jets one of the best offensive playmakers they've had in years, but it would completely alter their draft strategy.

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No one knows how likely it is that the Jets trade for Deebo Samuel, but if it's going to happen, it'll happen very, very soon.