Analyst suggests the NY Jets 'should trade' RB Tevin Coleman

NY Jets, Tevin Coleman
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The NY Jets are looking forward to seeing the dynamic young backfield duo of Breece Hall and Michael Carter in action this season, but one veteran who should not be overlooked is Tevin Coleman.

Coleman joined the Jets on a one-year deal last season and there were some doubts that he would be able to contribute at a high enough level given his disappointing 2020 campaign with the San Francisco 49ers.

To his credit, Coleman exceeded expectations and finished as the team's second-leading rusher behind just Carter. Entering the 2022 season, he's once again expected to fill a similar veteran role — that is, if he's still on the roster.

Bleacher Report's Brent Sobleski recently listed one player that every NFL team "should trade" this summer, and for the Jets, he named Coleman.

Should the NY Jets consider trading Tevin Coleman?

At 29 years old, Coleman is little more than a role player at this stage of his career. However, he proved last year that he still has some juice left in the tank.

Coleman finished with 356 yards in 11 games on a healthy 4.2 yards per carry. He outplayed every other running back on the roster not named Michael Carter. That's why the Jets opted to re-sign him this offseason.

Right now, he's currently penciled in ahead of Ty Johnson as the Jets' RB3 behind Hall and Carter. It's unlikely he receives a lot of snaps in a completely healthy offense, but injuries do happen.

It would make sense for the Jets to keep Coleman around as a reliable veteran option in case Hall or Carter go down with an injury. Johnson likely has the higher upside, but he proved to be inconsistent for much of last season.

Unless the Jets receive an offer they can't refuse — something that seems very unlikely for a 29-year-old backup running back — it would make more sense to keep Coleman around as veteran insurance.

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Tevin Coleman is still a productive player, and the Jets shouldn't be interested in trading away productive players just for the sake of it.