NY Jets: Stealing one player from every AFC East rival

In a division stacked with top-end talent, who should the Jets add if given the choice?
NY Jets, Stefon Diggs
NY Jets, Stefon Diggs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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New England Patriots: Christian Barmore (DT)

For the Patriots, I had a difficult time choosing a player. This may be a crazy statement, given that the Patriots have defeated the Jets in 14 straight matchups, but for the most part, I prefer the Jets’ in-house options to what the Patriots could offer.

Had Devin McCourty not retired after the conclusion of last season, he likely would’ve been the choice here. Fortunately, there is one player whose skillset has intrigued me since his college days, Christian Barmore.

Another defensive line product out of Alabama, Barmore is similar to Quinnen Williams in that he entered the league after a standout redshirt sophomore season.

Although not on Williams’s level as an individual talent, Barmore is another attack-minded defensive tackle with an innate ability to cause havoc in the backfield.

While the stats don’t jump off the page (four sacks and two TFLs in two seasons), Barmore hasn’t had the opportunity to let loose and get after the quarterback in the Patriots’ defensive scheme.

In Robert Saleh and Jeff Ulbrich’s defense, Barmore would join a talented defensive linemen group whose only objective is to attack and dominate the line of scrimmage.

With Sheldon Rankins leaving for Houston in free agency, the Jets don’t have an obvious running mate for Williams. John Franklin-Myers will spend more time inside this season, and Micheal Clemons will move inside at times after reportedly bulking up to 290 pounds this offseason, but the Jets could use another disruptive force at the defensive tackle position.

Barmore will only be 24 when the 2023 season starts and could grow alongside the rest of the Jets’ young core on defense in their mission to maintain their standing as one of the league’s best defenses.