Which NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football for Week 6 vs. the Eagles

What should you do with the Jets on your fantasy team?
NY Jets, Greg Zuerlein
NY Jets, Greg Zuerlein / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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NY Jets to start with confidence

  • Greg Zuerlein
  • Garrett Wilson

It will consistently make me sad to see how low Garrett Wilson's ceiling is, as he's currently on pace for 948 yards in 17 games in a year where many were expecting the sophomore leap.

I believe he did leap, but until something happens at QB, he will continue to get less than 100 yards every game, and it's up to him to break one loose or make a highlight-reel catch in order to score a touchdown.

Greg Zuerlein, however, is the AFC's Special Teams Player of the Week, and he's making the most of his opportunities. The utter lack of efficiency in the red zone is spectacular news for Zuerlein owners, and that's why he is my number one safest fantasy option for the week.

While the Jets may have only scored more than one offensive touchdown in a game once all season, they've had three games with more than one field goal kicked. The man they call "Greg the Leg" also has nice range, so he is not limited to the shorter kicks — which is big against such an elite defense.

Even in the worst-case scenario as a Jets fan, you can be fairly confident that Zuerlein will deliver every time his number's called. Good luck!