Which NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football for Week 5 vs. the Broncos

What should you do with the Jets on your fantasy team?
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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NY Jets to sit with reservations

  • Allen Lazard
  • Jets Defense

Remember, these bullets are ranked from top to bottom by who I think is most likely to have a good game to least. Wilson was finally able to throw a touchdown pass to Allen Lazard — the only receiver in the rotation who stands above 6-foot-1.

Time and time again, it's the veteran Lazard who seems to be mentoring Wilson and being one of his biggest supporters in the locker room.

If you combine that growing bond between the two with Wilson's natural affinity for size, you get a combination that is more likely to continue improving than worsen.

It's just such a risk to put Lazard in your starting lineup over receivers who seem like much better options, largely because we are unsure if Wilson is capable of having more than one good game in a career. We also don't know that if he does have a great game, Lazard will benefit from it this specific week.

The Jets' defense has done a spectacular job doing a 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' this season, getting six combined turnovers on the two best QBs in football and then getting a combined zero turnovers on two of the most turnover-prone QBs in the league this year.

Despite the Broncos' struggles as a team, Russell Wilson is quietly having a nice bounce-back season. He only has two turnovers in four games, and the nine touchdowns he has so far are already more than half of his total touchdowns all of last season. It's also worth noting that he's having the best passer rating of his career so far as well (106.7).

So, which version of the Jets' defense will we see in Denver? The answer to this question is crucial because there is a big difference in fantasy between a defense getting three turnovers in a game and a defense getting zero. I prefer to play it safe this week and keep this unit on the bench.