NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football against the Seahawks in Week 17

NY Jets, Zonovan Knight, Mike White
NY Jets, Zonovan Knight, Mike White / David Berding/GettyImages
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NY Jets to start with confidence

  • Garrett Wilson
  • Zonovan Knight

I sincerely apologize because I truly thought Garrett Wilson was matchup-proof and QB-proof. We don't know about the former, but the latter was definitely proven to be untrue with the horrific QB play that resulted in Wilson's worst game since Zach Wilson's last public meltdown in Week 11.

With Mike White back at the helm, the sky is truly the limit for Wilson's production. Rookie cornerback Tariq Woolen is a Pro Bowler for good reason and is not to be taken lightly, but there is reason to believe that Wilson is still matchup-proof in this league.

The QB change also opens up the possibility of Wilson scoring a touchdown, which so far in his career has only happened in twos: he had two against Cleveland and then two against the Bears.

If this were to happen this Sunday, it wouldn't matter if he only finished with two yards — two touchdowns is a good fantasy performance.

But knowing that he averages 111.6 yards per game with White at the helm, it's very possible we could be in for a 30-point performance from Wilson in half-PPR leagues. In this week's matchup, his floor is fairly high, but his ceiling is even higher.

As for Zonovan Knight, please take it easy on him — having 36 total yards in his last two starts combined isn't totally on him. The defenses have dared the Jets' quarterbacks to throw the ball, and in both games, they struggled mightily to do so, hovering around 50% completion in both games with zero drives that lasted more than 10 plays.

Now with White back at the helm, the long drives are coming. Remember, there is no safer position in fantasy than Mike White's RB1. He will get targeted in the passing game (which is great because he has never dropped a target in his career) and be the lead back when the running game gets opened up from the pass.

Take a look at what I mean:

Hopefully that calms all your nerves about starting someone who seems so unreliable in a game as big as this one. Trust me, he will get you points this week.

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The only way Knight doesn't deliver is if White gets hurt again. Good luck!