NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football against the Seahawks in Week 17

NY Jets, Zonovan Knight, Mike White
NY Jets, Zonovan Knight, Mike White / David Berding/GettyImages
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NY Jets to start with reservations

  • Elijah Moore
  • Mike White
  • NY Jets Defense

I'm nearly confident enough about Elijah Moore to put him on the upcoming list but I decided to just put him atop this one. The rationale here is simple — Mike White has great chemistry with him. White has targeted Moore at least five times in all of his career starts but one.

If the middle of the field is, indeed, as leaky this Sunday as it's been all year for the Seahawks, the slot receiver (Moore) should figure to get some of those targets that tight ends traditionally gobble up.

We all know Moore has been chomping at the bit all year to produce, so the combination of this bad defense and his preferred QB may be exactly what he needs to have his best game of the season.

I'm not expecting White's best game of the season, but I am expecting a good one. He should hover around that 317.3 passing yards number, and I think his passing touchdown drought ends at two games. Unless he has multiple turnovers, 300+ yards and at least one score is a pretty good fantasy game.

The reason he's not on the upcoming list is his injury risk and that turnover possibility. He was pretty turnover-prone last year, so we still aren't absolutely sure if he's outgrown it this year or just hasn't been tested by the right defense.

With two different Pro Bowlers in the Seahawks' secondary (Tariq Woolen and Quandre Diggs), this might be the defense that gives him his biggest fits yet.

As for the Jets' defense, we almost certainly won't see their best game of the season this Sunday (the bar has been set so high), but we could see a good performance out of them.

Quinnen Williams was ready to go last week with such a great play to set the tone for the game, but accruing negative yardage on the ensuing offensive possession seemed to be enough to deflate all of the momentum.

Assuming White is prepared to drive the offense more than 100 yards in a game (an extremely safe bet since he averages 317.3), the complementary football should be much better this Sunday and we could see big plays on both ends of the ball swing things in favor of the Jets.

They are a defensive team first, so in what is the truest form of "do-or-die" they've had all season, I expect this to be the unit to catalyze the victory. Head coach Robert Saleh should remind them that they are 0-5 in games where they force zero turnovers, and expect at least one in this Sunday's game.