NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football against the Seahawks in Week 17

NY Jets, Zonovan Knight, Mike White
NY Jets, Zonovan Knight, Mike White / David Berding/GettyImages
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NY Jets to sit with reservations

  • Tyler Conklin
  • Michael Carter
  • Corey Davis

This was a really tough one to organize in order of most likely to have a good game to least, but I did my best. A quick glance at ESPN's fantasy rankings will inform you that the Seahawks give up the most fantasy points to tight ends in the league this year.

Here's a quick explanation of why — they run a defense very similar to the Jets. Few blitzes, relying on a four-man rush and seven guys in coverage. What is the Jets' weakness? Look at what Evan Engram did to them or what happened in the Lions' game. This is with a Pro Bowler (C.J. Mosley) in the middle calling out coverages and playing his heart out.

The Seahawks don't have a Pro Bowler at linebacker. They also have zero Pro Bowlers on their defensive line, so they don't generate the number of pressures the Jets' defense does. Long story short, they're a much worse version of the Jets' defense, but the two teams share the same weakness.

If Mike White is making the right reads, it's very possible Tyler Conklin rises from the dead in this one. Safe money (arguably scared money) says to leave Conklin on the bench though, simply for his lack of production in weeks. It seems like the drops have definitely caused his target share to drop as well (pun intended).

You guys are probably tired of seeing me hype up Michael Carter, but he is still the team's preferred goal-line back. You would've seen it last week against Jacksonville if the Jets ever got to the end zone. This week, with a QB that averages 317.3 yards per game this year, we can be fairly confident they'll reach the goal line at least once.

The question, though, is do they sneak it with White, or will they allow Carter to do his thing? As we also know, White loves to target his running backs a lot, so there may be work in the passing game for Carter this week too.

If the leaky Seahawks run defense (second-worst in the NFL) gets killed in the run, there will also be yards to be had after Knight gets his (especially if they play with a lead).

Corey Davis will be relied on third downs and for important targets, but we don't know for sure how many of these opportunities will occur. It seems equally possible to me that he ends with seven catches for 80 yards or three catches for 25 yards. Those are two vastly different outcomes for fantasy.