NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football against the Seahawks in Week 17

NY Jets, Zonovan Knight, Mike White
NY Jets, Zonovan Knight, Mike White / David Berding/GettyImages
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Congratulations on making it to your fantasy football championship! Or third-place game. Or maybe you need this advice to avoid some embarrassing punishment for last place. Regardless of what brings you to this article, welcome! I am going to help you get that win this week.

Out of my three leagues this year, I have one championship game, one third-place game, and a team that didn't make the playoffs (I blame Russell Wilson and Kyle Pitts equally). I have Jets players on both of these playoff teams and I will follow this same advice to the letter.

Recap of last week — I'm sorry. I didn't expect Zach Wilson to be as absolutely inept as he was, and every single Jets player suffered as a result. The best possible news occurred as a holiday miracle, though, as Mike White was named the starter this week.

What does this mean? 300 yards, a team that is actually motivated by a good leader, and hopefully a Jets win. The biggest part of that list for us fantasy footballers is the yards, which means there will be points to go around. Let's take a dive into who should attain what.

NY Jets to sit with confidence

  • C.J. Uzomah

Hey, if Chris Streveler had any sort of arm (or composure after seeing this enormous opportunity open up), C.J. Uzomah would've scored a long touchdown for the second consecutive week.

Still, he's had three targets in the last two games so this isn't any sort of sustainable or reliable usage that is worth risking your championship game over. Leave him on the waiver wire.