NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football against the Lions in Week 15

NY Jets, Zonovan Knight, Mike White
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NY Jets to sit with reservations

  • Denzel Mims
  • Elijah Moore
  • NY Jets Defense
  • Zach Wilson

In three consecutive games with Zach Wilson, Denzel Mims has had either a long catch or a significant catch in the game. Their chemistry is better than it's ever been and perhaps Wilson is the QB that Mims has the best chemistry with.

With Corey Davis out, Mims will be stepping back into that replacement starter role and as a result, he'll be the token big fast strong guy for Wilson to throw to. Based on the sample size (20 career starts), these are traits that Wilson values immensely so we can count on Wilson relying on that catch radius a few times this week.

The problem is, how many targets will Mims actually catch? Will he finally score an NFL touchdown? It's possible he has one catch for 35 yards and then finishes the game with three catches for 45 yards.

That's fairly close to a best-case scenario with him so keep him on your bench — if you expect a first-ever touchdown to accompany those numbers, play him at your own risk.

I love Elijah Moore and initially put him as a 'start with confidence' candidate, benching Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson on my own fantasy team to start Moore. With the QB change, however, I've had to switch back, unfortunately. Why do you ask?

  • Elijah Moore with non-Zach Wilson as his QB: 3.6 catches per game, 6.5 targets per game, 45 yards per game, 1 touchdown
  • Elijah Moore with Zach Wilson as his QB: 1.5 catches per game, 3.25 targets per game, 20.25 yards per game, 1 trade request

This is not a Zach Wilson roast by any means — I'm hoping (praying, actually) his stint in timeout has done more good than harm as we see him fight for his job against a defense that has been playing well recently despite not being overly talented.

As we already know, he has very low passing yardage numbers. His season high in rushing yards this year is 26. He's never had three touchdowns in a game.

There is very little evidence to support him being fantasy relevant for the first time this season but maybe, with nothing to lose, we see a Zach Wilson we haven't seen in 20 games.

As for the Jets' defense, I didn't want to disrespect them by saying 'sit with confidence,' but I think you can feel very comfortable letting them sit this one out on your bench.

After only allowing 20+ points once from Weeks 3-12, they've done it in back-to-back games and are facing a team that is averaging 34.7 points per game in their last four (third most in the NFL in that span).

In the last four games, the Jets defense has only forced one turnover — a C.J. Mosley interception in garbage time against Trevor Siemian. During that same time span, the Lions have only given the ball away twice.

It seems like both of these trends will remain the same when the teams play this Sunday; 30+ points allowed and zero turnovers forced will probably result in negative points in your league.