NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football against the Jaguars in Week 16

NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Tyler Conklin
NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Tyler Conklin / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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NY Jets to start with reservations

  • Corey Davis
  • Michael Carter
  • Tyler Conklin

Again from most likely to produce to least, I expect Wilson to rely on his favorite target Corey Davis early and often. His first completion last week was to Davis' replacement Denzel Mims, who I noted was a Corey Davis clone physically who just doesn't have the route-running ability that Davis does.

Because I'm expecting fewer attempts (and yards) from Wilson than last week, I can't pinpoint a Corey Davis stat line, but you can feel pretty comfortable assuming he will finish in the top three on the team in receiving yards and is the second-biggest threat on the whole team to catch a touchdown this week.

Tyler Conklin is the biggest threat on the team to catch a touchdown. Perhaps all those drops during the Mike White era have finally caused a demotion from his coaches, but it should be noted that Wilson loves his tight ends. Every time they touched the ball, it resulted in a first down (including a two-yard rush by Conklin).

Of his six touchdowns this season, four of them have gone to a tight end, one went to Corey Davis, and another went to James Robinson. Assuming that Conklin is still TE1, he is a very safe bet for fantasy points this week. If you feel like Uzomah may have surpassed him on the depth chart, start him instead.

After my apology at the beginning of this piece, how dare I suggest you start Michael Carter again!? Because quite frankly, the logic I used last week is still relevant this week.

The Jets didn't get to the red zone much, but when they did it was Michael Carter who got the call. He absorbed contact and ran eight yards before narrowly missing out on the end zone due to a last-second save by the Lions.

If the Jets get to the red zone more often, Carter will have more tries, and he could be the safest bet on the team to score a touchdown this week. I know I said all of this last week, but this week's opponent lets up more points than last week's and they proved that they do indeed prefer Carter in the red zone.

Maybe this interception-saving play showed enough field awareness to earn him more playing time outside the red zone. If that becomes the case, you'll get a pleasant surprise this week that would compensate for last week's dud.