NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football against the Bills in Week 14

NY Jets, Mike White, Garrett Wilson
NY Jets, Mike White, Garrett Wilson / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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NY Jets to start with confidence

  • Garrett Wilson
  • Zonovan Knight

Tre'Davious White is one of the best cornerbacks in the league. However, Garrett Wilson showed last week that he might be matchup-proof.

This week will definitely verify if this notion is true or not, but it's looking pretty true right now. Granted, the Vikings and Bears let up a lot of passing yards on average, so perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised to see him rack up 257 yards in two games, but Wilson has been open all season.

The big difference is that now he has a QB throwing 335 yards per game instead of 182 yards per game. There are 150 more yards to go around per game and Wilson has been the biggest beneficiary.

He also has the catch radius to be a bigger red-zone threat than he's shown to date so it's possible that this is his breakout game in that area. Garrett's floor is as high as it gets, but for some reason, I'm just feeling a touchdown — be confident in this guy getting you at least 15 fantasy points for you this week.

Being Mike White's RB1 last week wasn't as incredible as I was hoping, but we saw how high that floor is as Zonovan Knight had 118 yards on 20 touches. Five of those touches were catches, so in a half-PPR league, that's a very respectable 14.3 points.

I still very strongly believe that White's RB1 is one of the safest bets in PPR fantasy leagues. In the last Bills game, both running backs in the committee were able to find the end zone. I think that could very well happen again, and we know Knight has to just be itching to score his first NFL touchdown.

It's possible that Carter operates as RB1, gets the lion's share of carries, and resumes the passing duties he had last year (and again this year after Hall got hurt), but the coaches seem to love Knight. He has great burst, nice speed, and was regarded as one of the cleanest route-runners at his position in this year's draft.

If the two backs split all opportunities evenly, I'd imagine both will get 10+ points in half-PPR. Carter is the superior goal-line back, but as Knight has already proved in the last two games, players don't always have to wind up in the end zone to have a quality performance.

Good luck with your matchups this week!