NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football against the Bills in Week 14

NY Jets, Mike White, Garrett Wilson
NY Jets, Mike White, Garrett Wilson / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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NY Jets to start with reservations

  • Mike White
  • Michael Carter

Mike White has earned this opportunity to play. We already talked about the 335 yards per game he's averaging when he plays four quarters, and last year's tragedy against the Bills was the only NFL appearance he's had where he didn't score a touchdown.

As I said last week, even his bad games have great fantasy value. Unless he does something close to that Bills game of last year, it is very safe to assume White will have around 300 yards and at least one touchdown. The question, however, is how many turnovers will accompany these numbers?

Also, those numbers assume he plays a full game. He already has a start that he wasn't able to finish in his career, and the one time he was sacked last week looked like a knockout hit. It's fair to question his durability, as he's only been sacked twice all year, and half of those resulted in him staying down for a while.

The Bills' pass rush won't be at its best without Von Miller, but they've been averaging 2.3 sacks per game over their last three games.

If you feel there is any shot that White could get hurt, obviously don't start him. If you trust the offensive line to protect him, then start him at the risk of having enough picks to negate his touchdown production.

Both Michael Carter and Zonovan Knight figure to be involved in the rushing game, so I admit I don't know for sure who will be the bigger beneficiary of the game plan this week. What I do know is that a good Mike White game can support two running backs in fantasy so both are worth starting.

I like Carter a lot because he's the much more elusive back and he's just so tough to bring down. Even when Hall was fully healthy, Mike LaFleur was opting to use Carter as his goal line back.

The issue with him is his speed, which has never been great. Knight has more burst, and this scheme favors speed over technique so it's possible (maybe likely) that Knight gets more carries and Carter finds himself working on passing downs. Either way, if the Jets get to the goal line, Carter is probably the guy.