NY Jets hint at Mike White starting at QB in Week 10

NY Jets, Mike White
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The NY Jets are expected to monitor the statuses of both Mike White and Zach Wilson this week with both players returning to practice. At the conclusion of the week, they'll make a decision on who their starting quarterback will be in Week 10.

And as of right now, it seems like they might be leaning in a certain direction.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported on Monday that he wouldn't be surprised if White started in Week 10 despite Wilson returning to practice.

His rationale was that the Jets will want to make sure that Wilson is fully recovered before returning to action and that it could be beneficial for the rookie QB to sit and watch for another week.

Sound logic, and it's certainly notable that Rapoport is reporting this. It sure seems as though the Jets might feel a similar way.

Head coach Robert Saleh spoke to reporters later in the day and, reading between the lines, it wasn't hard to decipher that the Jets probably plan to start White on Sunday.

Saleh insisted that if Wilson is healthy, he will start. However, he made sure to point out that the team was in no hurry to rush him back.

The NY Jets might be leaning toward starting Mike White in Week 10

Both White and Wilson are working their way back from injuries, although the former's injury likely won't force him to miss any time.

White suffered a forearm injury in Thursday's 45-30 loss to the Indianapolis Colts and missed three-quarters of the game. However, he's not expected to miss any practice time and should be good to go for Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills.

As for Wilson, he's still recovering from a strained PCL he suffered back in Week 7. The Jets opted not to place Wilson on the injured reserve and they clearly believe he could return in the near future.

However, if he's not 100 percent before Sunday's game, there really isn't any reason to rush him back. Especially with White playing as well as he is at the moment.

As Rapoport implied, all options are on the table. The Jets are very much taking their quarterback situation one week at a time which is probably the right call given the circumstances.

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But as for Week 10, the signs are there. I would bet on the Jets starting Mike White thus allowing Zach Wilson to rest for at least another week.