NY Jets: 5 most interesting games on the 2021 schedule

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Week 13: NY Jets vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Jets have played against the Eagles 11 times. They have also lost to the Eagles 11 times. The Eagles are the only team in the NFL the Jets have not been able to defeat.

It looks like this year could be the first-ever win for the Jets though. The Eagles have many question marks on their roster and have a new head coach meaning that this is the best time for the Jets to take advantage.

This is one of the few games on the Jets' schedule where they very well could be favorites. Although the season has not started, this could be labeled as a must-win game for the team.

It looks like the Eagles are at the start of a rebuild, and the Jets have to take advantage of that. This could be a wonderful confidence booster for the Jets if they can come away with a win.

Beating the Eagles will also help show how far the Jets have come since the end of last season. The Jets would no longer be the punching bag of the NFL, and they can finally beat up on some other teams in the league.

Jets fans should be chopping at the bit to finally beat the other green and white team in the NFL. If Zach Wilson can be the first Jets quarterback to beat the Eagles, then it might just mean he was destined to be with the Jets.

It will also be a great way for Wilson to get into the Jets' record books early in his career.