NY Jets Schedule: 5 games the Jets can't afford to lose in 2022

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2. The NY Jets can't afford to lose Week 8 to the Patriots

Despite the complete domination over the past two decades, the New England Patriots remain one of the Jets' biggest rivals. And now that they've come back down to earth after losing Tom Brady, the Jets need to stamp some authority on the rivalry.

Zach Wilson had a nightmare in his first game against the Patriots in 2021, but with more talent around him and a season of experience under his belt, he is ready to step up and show why he was the No. 2 overall pick in 2021.

This is the first game for the Jets at home after a two-week road trip that includes games in Green Bay and Denver, and if the team loses every game they aren't favored in, this one can't be lost.

The Jets return to New England a few weeks later in Week 11, and while they need to take that one too, Gang Green should look to make MetLife more of a fortress. What better way to do that than by beating their biggest rival?

3. The NY Jets can't afford to lose Week 12 to the Bears

The Chicago Bears are another team trying to bring along a young QB, and if the Jets believe in their young core around Zach Wilson as much as the fans do, this is a game that they can't, and shouldn't, lose.

After a rough start to the season, this game against the Bears is one of the first games for the Jets that will be considered even on paper. As such, if the Jets are to kick on with a second-half run, they need this one badly.

There are few positions across the field that the Bears are better at than the Jets, and if Gang Green can stay healthy, something they've struggled with over the past few years, this should be their first convincing win of the year.