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NY Jets Schedule 2022: Game-by-game predictions and analysis

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Week 18: NY Jets @ Miami Dolphins - TBD

The Jets close out their regular season on the road against the Miami Dolphins. The Fins expect to be in contention for a playoff spot by the time January of 2023 rolls around. Will the Jets assume their yearly role of playing out the string by the season's end?

If for whatever crazy reason the Jets have something of substance on the line going into this game, MetLife will be an electric atmosphere. Not since a blip on the radar in 2015 have the Jets strolled into the final week facing a game of importance.

2022 might not be the year for a win-and-you-are-in-the-playoffs scenario for the Jets, but what if it is? The meaningful scenario for New York could very well be them looking to play spoiler and knock the Dolphins out of the playoffs.

Prediction: WIN (8-9)

It's likely that it's going to take 9 or 10 wins minimum to make the playoffs in the AFC. There's reason to believe Miami will be hovering in that territory this season. The Jets will likely not.

The season will start on a sobering note, but if New York can survive the early storm, I think they will grow as the season progresses. The Jets end their season on a very high note knocking the Dolphins out of the playoff picture to finish the season at 8-9.