NY Jets Schedule 2022: Game-by-game predictions and analysis

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Week 17: NY Jets @ Seattle Seahawks - 4:05 pm ET

The Jets ring in the new year with old pals. One of them stands out more than the others for obvious reasons.

The Jets have nine road games in 2022, but none of them have quite the storyline attached to them that this game has. And it's not because former Jets QB Geno Smith could be facing his old team or the distant and faded memory of the Peter Carroll-coached Jets in 1994. 

Jamal Adams was a beloved figure when he wore the Jets uniform, seemingly with pride, but the way he engineered his exit from the team made him an enemy of the fan base that embraced him.

The irony is that if the Jets do turn things around, they will have Adams to thank. Adams' value as a player led to the Jets loading up on significant draft capital and reshaping their roster. 'Prez' got himself impeached and helped build the Jets' new green and white house. 

Prediction: WIN (7-9)

What will both teams look like by the time they play one another. Will Seattle be in full rebuild mode? That's the big question.

Winning in Seattle is never easy, but I think the Jets are catching the Seahawks at the right time. New York takes the Adams revenge game. The Jets improve their record to 7-9.