NY Jets Schedule 2022: Game-by-game predictions and analysis

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Week 14: NY Jets @ Buffalo Bills - 1 pm ET

No matter who plays Buffalo in 2022, the Bills will be the prohibitive favorites against the majority of their opponents, and it's a position and status that they've earned. Ultimately, the Jets want to be where the Bills are.

A year ago, New York beat the No. 1 seed in the AFC, Tennessee, and the conference champion Bengals on their home field. Anything is possible. But a win against Buffalo on the road, however unlikely that may seem, would mean a hell of a lot more this season.

The Jets have struggled mightily within their division in recent years, and a victory against a legitimate Super Bowl contender like Buffalo seems unattainable, especially after the Bills outclassed the Jets in 2021.

But if New York wants to come up in class, they will need to compete at a higher level against the AFC East champs than they did a year ago. 

Prediction: Loss (4-9)

It's difficult to see a scenario of the Jets beating the Bills. Merely standing toe to toe with the potential Super Bowl champions would be an accomplishment. Chalk this one up as a possible moral victory that falls in the loss column. Jets fall to 4-9.