NY Jets schedule: All-time record against every 2021 opponent

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Week 14: NY Jets vs. New Orleans Saints

The last time that the Jets faced off against the New Orleans Saints, Todd Bowles was still the head coach, and Bryce Petty was starting at quarterback. Thankfully, Jets fans don't have to live in that walking nightmare any longer.

As expected, the Jets and Saints haven't matched up all that often, coming together 13 times with the Saints leading the Jets 7-6.

Another close battle between teams historically, the Saints will have their first battle against New York without Drew Brees since 2005, when Aaron Brooks was their signal-caller.

It seems that the Saints are content with their quarterback room, be it Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill under center come Week 14. It will be strange to see them line up without the future Hall of Famer Brees at quarterback, but it may help the Jets even the series at seven this season.

Week 16: NY Jets vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The matchup that the media is going to be salivating over. Trevor Lawrence vs. Zach Wilson. If by this point in the season both teams are decent and the rookie quarterbacks are performing well, this game could be must-watch TV.

All-time, the Jacksonville Jaguars currently hold the series lead 8-6, with the Jets taking the lone playoff win back in 1998 to a tune of 34-24.

As previously mentioned, this game could be huge for the future of the league. Trevor Lawrence was the most hyped-up quarterback in recent memory. If Jacksonville wasn't historically bad last season, it's likely Lawrence would have been suiting up in New York.

For the time being, it seems as though both teams are content with how things unraveled.

Week 17: NY Jets vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Jets end out-of-conference play against the defending Super Bowl champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Depending on how far the team has come by this point, this game could get messy. Tampa Bay retained all of their starters from 2020, and seem primed for another run at the title.

Between the two teams, the series hasn't even been close. The Jets have dominated Tampa Bay over their 12 matchups, winning 10 and falling to the Buccaneers just two times. They're currently the team that the Jets have their best winning percentage against.

Of course, this team is much different than the two they have faced in the last decade, fresh off of a convincing title run.

In total, the Jets have a combined record of 278-323. Obviously, it would be difficult for them to significantly chip into that deficit in just one season.

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However, with how bright the future is for the Jets, a handful of wins this season could be all that fans are looking for after such a gloomy past.