NY Jets schedule: All-time record against every 2021 opponent

NY Jets, NY Jets schedule
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NY Jets schedule
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Week 12: NY Jets @ Houston Texans

If there was one team that really helped to take the negative spotlight off of the Jets last year, it was the dysfunctional Houston Texans. Everything from letting their star players walk, to the mess of a front office — and we won't even touch on Deshaun Watson.

The newest NFL team, the Jets are looking to build on their 5-3 record against Houston as they begin to enter the final stretch of the season.

On top of the mess that has been going on behind the scenes, the Texans had an up-and-down offseason. They failed to hire a highly sought-after coach but did have a bit of a spending spree by adding a plethora of free agents.

In a universe where Adam Gase is still the head coach of the Jets, this would have likely been one of the worst games on television that week — if not all season. However, thankfully reality wouldn't be that cruel to the fans.

At the end of Week 12, it's obvious that the Jets will look forward to doubling up on the Texans' record.

Week 13: NY Jets vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Now for the most infamous of matchups this season.

In 11 meetings between the teams, the Jets have been able to snatch victory exactly zero times. They remain the only team in the NFL that New York has been unable to beat, even though they have come close a handful of times.

Courtesy of the league's expanded 18-week schedule, the Jets will have the chance to finally knock off a team that is just a handful of years removed from a Super Bowl victory.

A new coach, a new starting quarterback, and a new roster — the Eagles and the Jets seem to be in the same boat.

From the 30-0 blowout a few years back to the Brandon Marshall failed lateral in 2015, lots of stale memories come from facing the Eagles. Safe to say that fans want to finally put an end to this losing streak.