NY Jets schedule: All-time record against every 2021 opponent

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Week 10: NY Jets vs. Buffalo Bills

If 2021 is similar to last season, the Buffalo Bills will be the toughest matchup that the Jets must face so far on the schedule. The second-best team in the AFC last year, the Bills haven't been kind historically to New York.

Division rivals since their inception, the Buffalo Bills hold a 64-56 record over the NY Jets. Coincidentally, they are also the team that the Jets have beaten the most over the course of their history.

Considering that the Bills are fresh off of an AFC Championship appearance, and the Jets are still amidst a rebuild, it might be safe to say that taking down the divisional rival just yet may prove to be a difficult task.

Week 11: NY Jets vs. Miami Dolphins

The last remaining rival in the AFC East, the Dolphins and Jets face off rather late in the season this year. Record-wise, the series is fairly even, as Miami is the one team within the AFC East that the Jets have a positive record against.

Through 110 games, the Jets lead 55-54, an extremely close rivalry that could easily be evened or see Miami take the lead if New York cannot compete with the up-and-coming team.

It seems that Miami was on the brink of being one of the best teams in the conference last year, falling just one game short of a playoff appearance.

The Jets don't seem to be at that level just yet. Though improvements have been made to the roster and personnel, they may still be a few years away from taking down Miami and adding a few more wins to the total.

However, if Tua Tagovailoa fails to take the next step, maybe it won't be such a far-off thought.