NY Jets schedule: All-time record against every 2021 opponent

NY Jets, NY Jets schedule
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NY Jets schedule
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Week 8: NY Jets vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Following a bye week, as well as the second matchup against the Patriots in Week 7, the Jets will be back in action on Halloween night against another rebuilding team in the Cincinnati Bengals.

Here's a not-so-spooky fact about this series — the Jets claim their first winning record all-time on the season, besting the Bengals 15 times to 10, as well as being 2-0 against Cincinnati in the playoffs.

Similar to Atlanta, both the Bengals and the Jets are more alike at the moment than some fans will realize or want to admit. Both have young quarterbacks, fresh wide receiver talent, and are desperately trying to right the ship that has been their offensive line woes.

Instead of closing the gap, the Jets will surely look to widen their margin all-time with this game.

Week 9: NY Jets @ Indianapolis Colts

As former division rivals, the Jets and Indianapolis Colts seem to have a bit of a lingering rivalry — although the scores of recent games don't exactly tell that story.

The two franchises have a long history with each other. From Mark Sanchez besting Peyton Manning in the 2010 playoffs, to Joe Namath's infamous "guarantee," these two will forever be linked.

Just on records alone, the Colts hold a huge lead over the Jets. Out of 71 games — the most out of any non-division opponent, the Colts also present New York with the great dishonor of handing them the most losses out of any foe outside of the AFC East, besting them 42-29.

In what might have been the most forgettable game of last season, the Jets fell to the Colts 36-7, with Sam Darnold having thrown three interceptions that day.

On the bright side, since 2010, the Jets lead the Colts 4-3. Hopefully they can add another tally to the win column.