NY Jets schedule: All-time record against every 2021 opponent

NY Jets, NY Jets schedule
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NY Jets schedule
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Week 2: NY Jets vs. New England Patriots

On the opposite end of the spectrum comes the team that the Jets have played the most.

121 times, these conference rivals have lined up across from each other on the gridiron, with the Patriots unsurprisingly leading the series 67-53, thanks in no small part to a certain former Michigan quarterback.

Coming off of a sweep in the 2020 season, the Jets and the Patriots have vastly different teams. The New England Patriots went on a spending spree to revamp their struggling offense, while the Jets signed, drafted, and traded to help improve their team to help their struggling — well, everything.

Both teams drafted a first-round quarterback this season as well. The Jets claimed BYU standout Zach Wilson, while the Patriots drafted Heisman finalist and National Champion Mac Jones out of Alabama.

It's unclear who will be starting for New England at the quarterback position this early in the season, but Zach Wilson will surely look to chip away at that 14 game deficit the Jets currently possess.

Week 3: NY Jets @ Denver Broncos

From MetLife Stadium to the field with an ever-changing name. The Denver Broncos, six years removed from their last Super Bowl victory, have yet to return to the postseason ever since.

The Broncos and Jets have faced off 37 times, with Denver currently leading the series 20-16. As you may remember, the Jets and Broncos played last year, where the Jets' 37-28 defeat could have marked the beginning of the end for Sam Darnold.

Denver seems to be in an interesting position. They seem like they're only a quarterback away from competing in an offensively-stacked AFC West, yet passed on their chance to draft Justin Fields in the first round of this year's draft.

The Broncos did overhaul their defense, signing Kyle Fuller in free agency, as well as drafting Patrick Surtain II in the first round of the draft.

Needless to say, if Wilson and the Jets want to make the first step toward evening up this matchup, they will need to find a way to beat this stacked defense.