NY Jets Schedule: 4 potential primetime games in 2021

NY Jets, Sam Darnold
NY Jets, Sam Darnold / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images
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NY Jets, Mac Jones
NY Jets, Mac Jones / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

3. The NY Jets could play the New England Patriots on primetime

The Jets have played the New England Patriots on primetime in each of the last two seasons. Despite the Jets' relative obscurity, the NFL finds it hard to pass up the potential to add a Jets/Patriots matchup to the primetime slate.

And this year's game could have a little extra on the line.

The Jets are expected to start second overall pick Zach Wilson at quarterback officially ushering in a new era. Meanwhile, the Patriots happened to draft a rookie QB of their own in Alabama's Mac Jones.

While Jones isn't necessarily as likely to start as Wilson is, there's a chance that he is given the starting job before long. Perhaps a midseason matchup with New England could put the Jets on primetime.

The story writes itself.

Zach Wilson vs. Mac Jones. A first-year head coach in Robert Saleh vs. Bill Belichick, the man who has tormented the Jets for decades.

rivalryThose storylines would only be added to the ever-present narrative that encompasses the Jets/Patriots rivarly.

If the NFL decided to put the Jets and Patriots on primetime in each of the last two seasons, there's no reason they shouldn't do so again this year.

After all, this year's matchups could be the most interesting we've seen in years.