NY Jets Schedule: 4 potential primetime games in 2021

NY Jets, Sam Darnold
NY Jets, Sam Darnold / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images
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The NY Jets are just about 24 hours from the official release of their 2021 schedule. The NFL is set to release the schedules for all 32 teams this Wednesday at 8 p.m ET.

Of course, some of the games are oftentimes leaked beforehand. But 8 p.m. tomorrow will be when the official release happens. Until then, all we could do is speculate.

The Jets faced one of the more difficult schedules in the NFL last year, but things look a bit easier this year. Following a 2-14 disaster of a 2020 season, the Jets will have the advantage of playing against a number of teams that also finished with poor records a year ago.

But perhaps even more significant is the sheer amount of interesting storylines the Jets have in store for them. Matchups against former players and some of the league's highly-touted rookie quarterbacks await the Jets this season.

Every year, the Jets seem to be given at least a couple of primetime games. That was true for last year as well as the Jets played the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football in Week 4 before hosting the New England Patriots on Monday night in Week 9.

How many primetime games will the Jets be given this year? Likely not four, especially after an abysmal 2020 campaign. But the NFL could be tempted by some very intriguing storylines.

Which games on the Jets' 2021 schedule could ultimately be played in primetime? We take a look at four of the most likely games to receive the primetime treatment.