NY Jets Schedule: Complete breakdown and analysis of all 17 games

NY Jets Schedule
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NY Jets Schedule
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Week 12: NY Jets @ Houston Texans

Sunday, Nov. 28, 1 p.m. ET, CBS

Back on the road for the Jets against a franchise that appears to be down and out. A familiar position that the Jets' franchise is attempting to crawl out of.

By this time in the season, it's anyone's guess what the Texans will look like in their post-Deshaun Watson world. Zach Wilson could theoretically be facing off with another rookie quarterback in Davis Mills by this point.

Often, NFL fans will go through their team's entire schedule and project potential wins and losses throughout.

It seems foolhardy to do when there are so many variables and things that can change over the course of each week of an NFL season, but make no mistake, even teams like the Jets coming off of a two-win season, are looking at this game as a potential victory on their schedule. 

On the flip side, Houston fans may be hard-pressed to pencil in victories, based on their low expectations. But rest assured if their fan base checks off the win column, the Jets game at home will be one of them.

Week 13: NY Jets vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Sunday, Dec. 5, 1 p.m. ET, CBS

Back at home for the third time in four weeks, the Jets play their flex game against a franchise in the Philadelphia Eagles that they have never beaten in the regular season. Philadelphia is 11-0 against New York all-time.

The Eagles are a lot like the Jets in that both teams are starting over with new coaching staffs and are entrusting their offenses to young quarterbacks. Except in Philly's case, they are attempting to go back in their past with a Frank Reich disciple in Nick Sirianni.s

If the Jets are ever going to win a game against the Eagles, this might be the year to accomplish that feat. The Eagles are a young team in transition, and the Jets are getting them at home.

If not now, when?