NY Jets Schedule: Complete breakdown and analysis of all 17 games

NY Jets Schedule
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NY Jets Schedule
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Week 10: NY Jets vs. Buffalo Bills

Sunday, Nov. 14, 1 p.m. ET, CBS

The Jets finally get to play their division rival, the Buffalo Bills, at the mid-season point. Both teams are clashing later than anticipated because many expected the Jets and Bills to kick off their seasons together for the fourth time in five years.

A lot like the Colts game the week before, the Bills game at home for the Jets represents a true test against a legitimate Super Bowl contender in 2021.

The Bills are everything that the Jets aspire to become, from their front office to the coaching staff to their quarterback. Buffalo has shown teams the blueprint on how to build from the ground up properly.

The reality is that it will take a while for the Jets to get to where the Bills are as a franchise. This Week 10 game should be a measuring stick for New York to see how far they have progressed.

Week 11: NY Jets vs. Miami Dolphins

Sunday, Nov. 21, 1 p.m. ET, CBS

Back-to-back home games for the first time all season for the Jets, and another divisional opponent showing up on the schedule late in the year for the first time in the Miami Dolphins.

In many ways, just like Buffalo, Miami also represents the direction that New York wants to be headed toward. The arrow is pointed upwards for the Dolphins, coming off a 10-win season in 2020.

Brian Flores has helped change Miami's losing culture, and they appear to be on the verge of becoming a legitimate contender. The post-Adam Gase world that Jets fans hope is in their future.

The biggest question with Miami is who their quarterback will be by Week 11. The odds favor Tua Tagovailoa, but the jury is still out on whether or not he is the ultimate answer for the Dolphins.

By this point of the season, a lot of the question marks surrounding Tagovailoa should be answered.