NY Jets: 4 excellent players to target at the trade deadline

NY Jets, Evan Engram
NY Jets, Evan Engram / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports
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The NFL trade deadline is quickly approaching and will be here before teams know it. With the clock ticking as some teams prepare to make a playoff run, while others, including the NY Jets, are dedicated to focusing on the future, general managers around the league will surely have a busy week ahead.

The deadline is 4 pm on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Now, the Jets aren't exactly eyeing a deep playoff run. A combination of struggles at quarterback, offensive production, play calling, and most recently a string of injuries have all but ruled out the team's hopes for a postseason push.

The writing is on the wall for the Jets to be sellers at the deadline, but that doesn't mean nothing could be done in way of bringing extra talent in.

The team is absolutely building towards the future, and fans were well aware of this coming into the season. Whether they're happy about where the team is at the moment or not is another topic entirely. Still, the Jets should be doing everything they can to help Zach Wilson's development.

And following a painful blowout against the New England Patriots that was only made worse by the loss of Zach Wilson for some period of time, having him return to an upgraded squad would be the perfect gift for the quarterback of the future.

So instead of focusing on who won't be on the team after November 2nd, we're going to take a look at who might be the next players to wear green and white.