What could the NY Jets offer for Deebo Samuel? Is he worth it?

NY Jets, Deebo Samuel
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NY Jets, Deebo Samuel
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So is the investment worth it for the NY Jets?

Yes, the Jets should absolutely go after Samuel for the right price. They are entering a critical second year for Zach Wilson and must surround him with weapons to help his development.

I can understand why some might hesitate at the prospect of trading for Samuel. Not only would the Jets part with valuable draft capital, but they’d also have to commit over 10 percent of their salary cap to a single player at an oversaturated position.

An argument can be made that the Jets do not need to trade for Samuel. At least two of Drake London, Jameson Williams, and Garrett Wilson will be available for the Jets at the 10th pick.

In addition, those three other top-38 selections could net them four impact players on rookie contracts. Those contracts would give them the financial flexibility to upgrade the roster via trade or free agency.

But can the Jets rely on those players to make an immediate impact? From 2010-to 2017, just 30 percent of first-round picks signed second contracts with their original team. That percentage decreases to under 25 percent for second-round picks.

The draft receives a ton of hype, but the reality is that each draft is a guessing game. Young, inexpensive talent is a requirement for sustainable success, but the Jets must take the risk if presented with an opportunity.

Projection isn’t necessary with Samuel. He is a proven talent who has shown the ability to take over games. Not to mention, his familiarity with the offense and coaching staff is a bonus.

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Again, the Jets can stay put and still add impact players to their roster through the draft. However, if the price is right, why not swing for the fences?