What could the NY Jets offer for Deebo Samuel? Is he worth it?

NY Jets, Deebo Samuel
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NY Jets, Deebo Samuel
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What could the NY Jets offer for Deebo Samuel?

San Francisco does not own a first-round selection in the 2022 NFL Draft by virtue of their trade with the Miami Dolphins to take Trey Lance in last year’s draft. If the team chooses to honor Samuel’s trade request, getting back into the first round will be a priority.

The Chiefs and Packers received first-round picks (and more) in the deals that sent Hill and Adams to the Dolphins and Raiders. Let’s look at the trade details below for both Hill and Adams:

According to Draftek’s NFL Trade Value Chart, Green Bay and Kansas City each received roughly 1,150 points worth of draft capital, equivalent to the 13th pick in value. However, San Francisco could seek out a more significant return.

Just 26 years of age, Samuel is younger than Hill (28) and Adams (29). That, and his contract (San Francisco has three years left of control), give the 49ers leverage in negotiation talks.

In control of five picks in the top-100 selections, the Jets are at an advantage. Joe Douglas would undoubtedly love to keep both of his top-10 selections, and it is possible to create an enticing trade package without including either of them. 

On the off chance that San Francisco could deal Samuel for a package that does not include a first-round pick, the Jets' reported offer for Tyreek Hill (picks 35, 38, and 69) is stronger (1,315 points) than the packages Kansas City and Green Bay received for their stars.

If not, the 10th overall selection, with a value of 1,300 points, should (theoretically) get the job done.