What could the NY Jets offer for Deebo Samuel? Is he worth it?

NY Jets, Deebo Samuel
NY Jets, Deebo Samuel / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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The Deebo Samuel trade rumors are dominating pre-draft headlines. Among the most-mentioned and popular destinations for the All-Pro receiver is the NY Jets.

The Jets made their desire to add a star receiver clear in their attempt to trade for Tyreek Hill last month. With a need at receiver and in possession of valuable draft capital, it makes sense that the Jets would also be interested in trading for Samuel. 

However, let’s pump the breaks.

Yes, Samuel is indeed an electric talent and one of the top weapons in the NFL. But there will be competition for his services if he is made available.  

He won’t come cheap either. Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams’ new deals ($30 million and $28.25 million AAVs, respectively) have reset the wide receiver market. So Samuel will likely seek a deal at or near that price range.

The Jets have more than enough draft capital to make a splash move, but they shouldn’t part with their assets recklessly.